She Rode A Rainbow Through Hell

                    She rode a rainbow through hell

                                    Left other angels in heaven

                                              Stole a six from the devil

                                                          Then rolled him a seven

                               She bragged back in heaven

                                              But no Angels believed

                                              So she flew from it all

                                                       Then she crashed into me

                                    It was a wild flight… I just held on tight

                   As I smell a fuse burning… On strange love dynamite

                       She wouldn’t show her pain

                                       Just held it deep inside

                                                Then claimed living in love

                                                               Was just slow suicide

                      I tried every love cure

                              For my captured angel

                                                I tried shortcuts to heaven

                                                           Found fast tracks to hell

                        She couldn’t say the word love… So I rolled her a seven

              Then we just called it lust… As she rode me to heaven

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