Conformity is Killing Me

Conformity Is Killing Me

 So old friend… Where the hell you been

I’ll bet you got stories again… About danger… Love and sin

The last time you saw me… I listened to story after story

I can admit I felt jealousy… When you told me about that fight in Boise

And the medicine man from Albuquerque… As you shared your poetry

About the songwriter from Tennessee… As you played your guitar for me

I realized my conformity in society… Was killing me slowly

I had nothing new to tell you… When everything about you is new

I’m still working at the factory… I’m still dating Susie

I still go bowling every Monday… I still fish every Friday

I go to church every Sunday… As I call it my destiny

 I remember needing to ask you… If you were telling the truth

When you said I could go with you… To find someplace new

You said we could hitch rides to nowhere… Hop a train to anywhere

Fight in bars for one night stands… Live without a map or a plan

But at morning light when you came by… The sunrise reflected in your eyes

As my gray eyes told the truth… That I couldn’t go with you

That my destiny was not to live wild and free

But to let conformity kill me slowly

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