She had that Nerdette librarian and look

No makeup… Always reading a book

I thought it was strange

That her name was Mary Jane

Something about her made me curious

I wondered about love or just touch

Then in the rain I offered a ride

She said why not if I can drive

She climbed in my daddy’s truck

She revvvved it up and pop the clutch

Swerved 80 down a muddy Lane

Like a game of pain and insane

Crashed through a closed locked gate

Into a field soaked with rain

Sprayed mud from hell to breakfast

Spinning around way too fast

She yelled you better close your eyes

So you don’t see us bleed and die

We were laughing so damn hard

 As she drove into a hay barn

 As the rain sang on the roof

I finally understood

Don’t judge the book… By how the cover looks

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