Angel in Training, Introduction


 I’ve met too many churchgoers in my life of not going to church

Who are sure they know perfect behavior and perfect words

Most of them are quite rigid and stuffy in laughter and behavior

They act like they read some kind of outdated manual for humor

But this Cosmic Cowboy heard my Cosmic Angel tell a rumor

That God prefers to watch the ones that have a sense of humor

So I choose to live this continuous journey my way

As I try to make God laugh every day even when I pray

I believe God gave all of us a wide margin and latitude

As long as we have a good attitude mixed with gratitude

So I’ll continue doing God’s work with a laugh and a smile

While the rigid ones make up laughter rules and live in denial

Angel In Training-
A Story About The Laughter That Comes From Heaven.
©Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy.

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