Words and Photographs

Words And Photographs

I am the kind of man

That needs to know the why of things

That most people don’t care to see

I find myself reading obituaries

Wondering of the truth in the stories

Wondering of pain and the thrill of glories

Wondering if they ever yelled in anger

Or if they ever ran from danger

Wondering if they ever lied or cheated

Or felt the pain of being defeated

Wondering if it came down to kill or be killed

In a war on some forgotten hill

I’m the kind of man

That studies old photographs

Wondering about a cluttered past

I study the lines that incase the eyes

Wondering about secrets that never die

In the distance of a ripple from just one lie

I study the smile and wonder if it’s real

Wondering what they really feel

I’m the kind of man

That finds himself wondering

If in another time

Someone will try to analyze my mind

Or my words or my eyes

And wonder about this life of mine

Eyes That Attract Lightning-
Texas style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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