Still She Dances

Still She Dances

So many words she hasn’t spoken

Some say she’s broken

As they watch the dance she performs

So far outside the norm… I say she’s beautifully crazy

I say she has a gift… I say she’s a genius

As she shares insanity… With the stampede of self vanity

I say her eyes have been baptized… Now they only see

                          Forgiveness for social crimes

                    I say she is perfectly designed

                        Without knowledge of rules and laws

                      As the perfect ones count the flaws

I say as she dances… In the comfort of everything between nothing

Surrounded by accusing glances that whispers of shame

Predicting the point of blame…

As ones concerned with… Same… Same… Same… Refuse to see

                 But still she dances… As Angels tickle her wings

               And play her a song to the whispers of so wrong

         As the worshipers of the mirror

Whisper of insanity and the curse of her family

But still she dances… Unaware of the glances

From those that know the face

Of destiny… Of crazy… Of hate… Of fate

 Of Jesus… Who surly looks just like them

Gate of Inward-
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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