Lost In Tall Grass

Lost In Tall Grass

                 When I was a young man

                                          I had questions about the big plan

                                        But still I prayed

                                   The way they… Wanted me to pray

                       In a church… On the seventh day

                        But as I got older

                             I would lay sleepless and wonder

                                         As I tried to understand

                                                                The plan for this man

                                   I couldn’t comprehend

Everyone’s version… Of the beginning and the end

                                  All I know is… Sometimes I feel

                               Like nothing I’ve believed is real

                                                         Like I’m just an ant

…Lost in tall grass…

                               Knowing I’m off the path

                        Wandering aimlessly

                        With only a clouded dream

                                               Of things deep in my past

                                           Now I think… I hear muffled things

                              Trying to tell me… Where I should go

               Where I should be

                                    Somehow I know… I know

                      There is a distant place

                         Where a spirit without a face

                          Picked this flesh and bones

                                              As it said… Lord let me try

                                                  To help this one survive

                                      Somehow I know… I know

                                He soon realized… Saving me from me

                           Was harder than it was supposed to be

                              Now I wonder is it

                                               Trying to escape me

                                                      Or is it also the ant

…Lost in tall grass…

Whispers From The Cemetery
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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