Twenty In A Sixty

Twenty In A Sixty

                                       Another day… Nothing new

                   Just biting off… More than I can chew

                                                        Using my gear shift

                                        Like I wanted a ticket

                                                         Late for a meeting at the lake

                              Heading to hell… Eighty in a sixty  

                   Passing wildly… All the sight seer’s and tourists

                                            Scanner on… Watching for the Sherriff

                                                       Then son of a B

                                  He pulled out in front of me

                    A hillbilly… In a 38 flatbed Chevy

                                    No bumper… Broken windows… Door rusty

                    More dents than I’ve ever seen

                               Driving aimlessly… Twenty in a sixty

                                       Crossing the center line… Time after time

                    Just missing the guard rail

                           Blowing blue smoke and a burnt oil smell

                                                 Dog on the flat bed… Barking wildly

                     Spinning circle after circle… Dancing free

                                        Old dog on his lap

                                                   Head out in the wind

                                             Old man going slow… On the road again

                               Just cruising with his best friends

                     I finally hit a passing lane

                                     My chance to fly came

                           My foot hit the floor… To blow off his doors

                                                         I was ready to give him the finger

                                        But the world got suddenly clearer

                      As I flew by… He looked straight at me

                                  As a tear left his eye and rolled down his cheek

                                           I knew he was driving aimlessly

                     Thinking about what old men think

                                 Lost time… Lost friends… Lost love

                                         All the pain in the end

                                               He was just waiting for his time to come

                      By fate… By age… By destiny… Or by his own gun

                             That was the day… The world stopped

                                As I chose to just get off

                      Slowly… I drove home aimlessly… Twenty in a sixty

Sensation of Inspiration
Spiritual and Feel Good Poetry
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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