Nothing New To Tell

Nothing New To Tell

           Day after gray on gray

                                                      Just another damn day

Celebrating my creation

                                               At my job I hate         

                                     The job I call

                                              The black vacation

                                             Missing sunrise and sunset

                           Marching in deep regret

                                                  Floating to hell

                                              On a concrete river

                           Just another day to deliver

                                   My soul to a man… I don’t know

       Nothing new to tell

                                              Just me in that musty cell

                           The cubicle grave of… Behave

  Like an un-free-able slave

      Doing time for the crime

                                       …Of un-dreaming my life away

      …Of embracing the drama

                             …Of the adrenaline high

                                    …Of a pathetic life

                                             That thrives… On road rage

                                                 As I fly

                              Belted in my steel cage…

                                                    On the concrete river

                                      Forever and ever and ever…

                                        Ignoring the sign

                                     Souls for sale

                                              Ignoring the undertow of hell…

                                      …Nothing new to tell…

                                               See you in hell

                Nothing new to tell… Nothing new to tell… Nothing

Whispers From The Cemetery
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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