She Was Unique

She Was Unique

 She loved to work in the garden that Jesus made with her

Talking to the soil and singing to the seeds… Never pulling weeds

Telling everything and nothing how perfect it was just because

She would lie on her back in the garden… Not caring about her hair

She would smell the soil like a fresh cut flower and moan her approval

She loved the feel and the smell of the earth and rolled it in her hands

She planted her garden for fairies and Angels and bugs to live and love in

As if it were a canvas for abstract art… No map no plan no reason no rhyme

She never planted her garden in one day but over time with no design

She harvested the garden with nothing on but a smile in the dark of night

Alone with crickets and Angels and fairies and the spirits of full moon

 She told me all plants hated the controlling rules created by farmers

She wanted to grow and co-mingled plants as an changing creative art form

Every time she picked the harvest she would thank it in song or poetry

And promise it that the offspring would have a place to dance with soil

She read abstract poetry to the seeds all winter and explained her needs

She said the seeds all sang back to her and thanked her for being her

 I met her at the farmers market selling happy veggies in the park

She was so unique with her tempting mystique and pure simplicity

We talked the day away about magic and music and the evils of logic

She told me she lived as a plant in the Garden of Eden… And I believed

At the day’s end she took my hand and showed me the promise land…

 Where angels and fairies and spirits of the moon farm without rules

 Where love is made in a bed of soil as crickets sing a song of approval

 Where plants applaud the freedom of making true love without rules

Where I was meant to love and be with someone so perfectly unique

Crazy Father’s Daughter-
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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