What If Death

What If Death

…What if death…

                                                    Is merely the possibility

                                                           To see there is no reality

                                             There is no inevitability

                              That it’s all just a dream

…What if death…

                                       Is only the burning feeling

                                When tears can’t baptize cheeks

    Or is… Death simply

                              Not dreaming as you sleep

                                                    Or the feeling that

                                                      You’re trying to run home

              Without legs or feet

             Or is…Death the truth in destiny

                                    Seeing your chain reaction

                                                 Without concern for satisfaction

                              Could it be… Death stops the extent

                            Of your ripples and demands you repent

                                  Why can’t… Death be

                              A fleeting moment before

                                 The pain of hell begins

                                                 To savor your sins

                   Maybe… Death is the end

                               Of self-imposed blindness

                                  Or the last chance to confess

                                     Before eternal death

                                      Could… Death be

                              The hall of endless open doors

                             Where all options are shown to me

                   But if… Death is only the inability to hear poetry

                                     Simply the silence of consequence

       …Then I will live forever…

Whispers From The Cemetery
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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