Looking Back

Looking Back

Looking back in my past… I lived reckless than fast

I made love to my share of rivers

I’ve worshiped the sun from the top of mountains

I educated myself… In bars and from bookshelves

I’m proud I calloused my hands… As an honorable man

I’ve fought enough flights… To know the winner isn’t right

I’ve kissed enough lips… It could be called a sin

I’ve driven back roads… From Idaho to New Mexico

I did a little time… Locked in my mind

I’ve treated love like a game of pain

I’ve skinny dipped in creeks and streams

Now here I am… Drifting back again

Dreaming without the weight of age

I’m hard and strong… My hair is long

Living reckless and fearless… Letting me become me

Then one day freedom escaped… And memories fade

As you pace back and forth at the edge of the grave

I wonder… If I was a young stud again

Would I play harder… And work smarter

Would I love like I can’t get enough

Would I fight like my life was on the line

Or would I conform to the norm

And throw myself under the reality bus… Just because

She Rode a Rainbow Through Hell
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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