Another Fallen Number

Another Fallen Number

       I thought… I smelled Revolution today

          As my head was jerked

  Violently from the sand

                           I felt a strange vibration

                  Like a locomotive heading to hell

                             Black… Smoking… Blowing steam

       With a steel wheel out of balance

                  I realized… My day of reckoning was today

                           In the presence… Of looming impending doom

Doom so close… The coldness burned my skin

                     Strange… I thought about the grayness of statistics

                                                      Created by men

                                    Standing outside the grasp of doom

                  Turning humans… Into ragged silhouettes

                                     …Another fallen number…

                    The television tells future silhouettes… Just follow

                     Silhouettes… Waiting to be thrown on the pile

                           Of lost dreams and foolish pride

                                                A pile of great diversity

Of believers and stupidity

                    Silhouettes… Once all immune to the shadow

                                  Of the looming…Impending doom

Doom that once moved so slow

     It seemed motionless

                                         But it gathered speed and vibration

                     Fueled by gray numbers and greed

                                 With the fears and tears of wasted years

                                    Now it cannot be stopped… It will not

  Not by faith… Hope… Or prayer

                           Not by artificial… Gold… Or legends told

                             Its physics… It’s inevitable

                           That a world out of balance

By the weight of greed

                                      Must right itself

In total destruction

The Wordsmiths Abyss-
Poetry From The Abyss Beyond Thought.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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