I believe

                   Art… Music… Poetry

                                           Exists only where… You find it

           As it rests patiently waiting

                                 Behind the eye of the beholder

                                                        Waiting to be freed

      Like… Blood splattered at the scene

                                 Like… Screams in free fall

                            Like… A bullet leaving a barrel 

                                     Like… The bomb blowing it all to hell 

                                Like… The disaster of the hereafter

                                                  After the twister

But some eyes and ears

   Will never identify… Abstract art in anything

   Not even in… The destruction of the world

          The fall of love… The worship of lust

                                           The pain of broken trust

                                                     But I say in all things

          Abstract art awaits

                                To change the laws of fate

                                          The laws of lust

                              The laws of lost love

                                              The laws of hate  

                                                           I believe

 Art… Music… Poetry… Exists everywhere

                                     Like… The pain of un-forgiven

                                         Like… The twist and tangle of age  

      Like… The broken shell creation                   

                                                 Like… The power of gravity

                                                                        I believe

                                                         In the beauty

                             Found In the lie of destiny

                                                      I wait patiently

                                Too be seen by the truth of tangled fact

In all things… Abstract

The Wordsmiths Abyss-
Poetry From The Abyss Beyond Thought.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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