The Gift of Words, Introduction


I heard a great poet say

 Only poets appreciate good poetry

 I’m sure the same can be said about wordsmiths

 Only avid readers can appreciate good writing

 A guitar picking fool I know said

 Only musicians can be good songwriters.

  A famous author I met told me

 The best education for becoming a good writer

 Comes from being a wandering man

 A poet who was an ex-convict told me

 That prison finally gave him time

 To pursue his passion of poetry

 I’ve found that the only way

 I can find time to write

 Is to make time to write

   I have learned I must grab every moment

 No matter where or how small

 To jot down a thought or an observation

  I know I must schedule quality time to write

 Like I scheduled time for work and play

I believe creative words are a gift

 I believe that my creative Angels will leave me

To find someone who is a willing participant

 If I don’t write down the gift they give me

The Gift of Words-
My Story About Sharing The Gift Of Attitude And Gratitude.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy.

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