The Gift of Words, About the Author

About the Author

As I have aged, I’ve come to believe

A man living without passion is already dead

 I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who feel so alive

 I am passionate about being the best husband

 The best son, the best father, the best grandfather

 The best professional, the best friend

 The best Christian and Good Samaritan

 I am passionate about all things creative

 Architecture, art, photography,

 Creative writing, songwriting, poetry,

 I am passionate about working hard to play hard

 I am passionate about talking to god

In the church of big rivers, where I float in my drift boat and fish

 I am passionate about admiring God’s work

 On the lost rugged roads of the high deserts in the West

 Where coyotes sing as I explore ghost towns and old mines

 I am passionate about the poetry of life

I hear at music festivals in obscure places

 Where artists who hate Nashville can show their talent

But the thing I like the most about me is

 I can say I am a man who is passionate about

 Making the world a better place

The Gift of Words-
My Story About Sharing The Gift Of Attitude And Gratitude.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy.

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