Good, Bad, Ugly, Love- Introduction



Why is it so hard for people who need love… To give love


Should be the simplest thing to achieve in the universe

So why is it so hard… To get it right


Why is it becoming

So hard to find… So hard to keep

 So willing to flee… So elusive… So easy to critique


Is being eroded by the evolution of… Technology

As lovers become victims of… A world out of balance

 With greed… With speed

With a need for meaningless things


Is it possible to… Create

Or should those seeking love… Wait

For the one true love they were meant to be with… Forever


When someone tells me they’ve fallen out of love

I wonder if they ever fell in love

Or did love become just another four letter word

A meaningless thing not worth the work


Cannot survive drama or a wandering eye

It will not tolerate a raised voice

Or a verse of words that hurt


Cannot exist in deceit or in the shadow of… Agenda

It is the only truth when mixed with… Gratitude


So misunderstood

It cannot be taught

It cannot be bought


It simply exists waiting to comingle

Good Bad Ugly Love-
Love Stories From Heaven And Hell.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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