Angel In Training, Chapter 3

Chapter 3   The Unlikely Hero

       Just as Peter opened the door he saw a huge hillbilly impersonator with a gun and he was pointing it at Sissy. Peter was enraged, he instantly ran toward him and until the hillbilly saw him coming and turned and pointed the gun at Peter.

         “Stop right there pipsqueak shit head or I’ll blow you away.”

         Peter quickly analyzed the situation and realize that his 5’6″ slender frame was no match for Goliath. Peter thought. I guess I’ll just have to kill this ass hole with humor. So Peter started making crazy chicken sounds and slowly bobbed his neck back and forth. Goliath didn’t know what the hell to think and lowered the gun. Peter started moving his arms drunk chicken style and started to dance around on the sidewalk. Goliath had a strange look on his face and yelled at him.

        “What the hell are you doing, are you crazy.”

         Peter looked at him with one eye larger than the other one and let out a rooster crow. Suddenly he dropped to his knees and started barking and howling frantically. He even lifted his leg and acted like he was pissing on the light post. Then instantly he jumped back up and then went back to drunk chicken dancing crazier than before. Goliath looked at sissy and said with a crazy look on his face.

        “Do you know this moron, what the hell is the matter with him.”

          She said as she laughed. “He’s totally harmless, this is what happens with traumatic head injury, PTSD and too many drugs that are washed down with whiskey. He’s the special needs guy we use to clean the restrooms and wash cocktail glasses here at Smiling Jack’s.”

        Peter suddenly started mooing like a Brahma Bull that wanted a piece of Heifer and then instantly switched to a psychotic goat sound. The totally frustrated Goliath looked at Goofball and yelled,

         “Go on, get out of here you dumb ass retard, I need to talk to the little Sweet thing here.”

          Goliath had totally forgotten he should be pointing his gun at somebody during Goofball’s comedy act. When Peter saw his chance he lunged at the gun knocking it to the ground. This enraged Goliath and he picked Peter off the ground and punched him in the face. The blow sent him careening backwards into the wall of the venue. As the ruckus was going on Sissy picked up the revolver, pointed and pull the trigger. She put a bullet square in the middle of his forehead. Goliath went down like a ton of shit bricks. She ran to the motionless body of Peter and started to cry. Peter had blood oozing out of his ears sissy couldn’t hear him breathe or feel his heartbeat so she called 911 and did CPR on peter until the EMTs arrived.

          Peter stopped breathing several times in the ambulance. He was legally dead when they first entered the emergency room, but was quickly revived again. The ER doctors called the head trauma specialists on call and quickly prepped him for emergency surgery.

        Peter had severe swelling of the brain. The only thing they could do to save his life in this situation, was put him into a medically induced coma. After that they would remove the top portion of his skull until the swelling of the brain was under control. Sometime in the near future when the brain reached its normal size the skull would be reattached.

       Peter didn’t have anyone in his past life that gave a damn if he lived or died. But his new friend, Sissy followed the ambulance to the hospital and waited eight hours until the doctor could let her know how the surgery went. The doctors told Sissy they were hopeful that Peter would have a full recovery, it was just a matter of how long it would take.

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Angel In Training- 
A Story About The Laughter That Comes From Heaven. 
©Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy.

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