Resurrection Of Possessions

Resurrection Of Possessions

The weathered wood signs said… Resurrection of Possessions

The secondhand thrift shop is a place I go to people watch

My victim… A light shade of gray was following his wife and rolling his eyes

She never stopped examining this and that… Shoes… Toys… Hats

She smelled it all… She talked to everything as she tickled and touched

As she giggled and made a fuss… About the meaningless stuff

She put an old stuffed bear to her ear

As if it told a story to her… Then she laughed and put it back

He had his hands in his pockets to send a message to the cast outs

                If I don’t touch you… I won’t buy you

                    Finally he sat on a bench that was for sale

Then he said loud enough for me to hear… Shopping with her is hell

I sat down across from him in a squeaky rocker and smiled

I asked how long have you been shopping

             He chuckled and said… A while… Damn near 50 years

                      She’s been cluttering my mind and wasting our time

           I laughed… Sorry I meant how long today

He got a serious expression and said… Long enough to witness evolution

                 Long enough to see the need for revolution

              Long enough to know there is no solution

Then he stood and whispered… Better act like I give a shit

Or she might get pissed

Then he walked away and followed her… Hands in his pockets

             And once again I found what I was after

Under the sign… Resurrection of Possessions

Tickle Of Texas Music-
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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