Tickle of Texas Music, About the Author

About the Author

My good friends call me just… Keeler

 I’ve been told… That some say I’m an arrogant ass

People that know me well call me… A black sheep Angel

I like to think of me as a blend of things way out there and strange art

Mixed up with things mystical and spiritual that just can’t be explained

I pride myself on being a damn fine husband, father, grandpa, son and friend

I want to be known as a professional who cares more about quality than money

I’m definitely a man that is cursed with the energy of the right brain

Always being shown the next sketch or photograph that needs to be captured

A few years back I met a handful of right brain musicians and songwriters

 I found myself watching and then writing, listening and then writing

Constantly about anything and everything without a single rule to restrict me

Unfortunately all my songwriting buddies had preconceived ideas

On the proper subjects and recipes for word art and poetry in music

So out of love of them and poetry I decided to show them a better way

It wasn’t easy but I started their intensive therapy in outlaw music

My co-therapists were musicians and poets they never heard of

John Prine, John Hiatt, James McMurtry, Chris Knight, Pat Green,

 Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark, Billy Joe Schaefer, Joe Ely, Cody Canada,

Pinto Bennett, Randy Rogers, Reckless Kelly, Mickey and the Motorcars…

 And anyone else who wasn’t being over played on top 40 radio

 It isn’t easy breaking old music habits with intensive music therapy

But I think now they’re ready to deliver a poetic message, anyway they want  

Tickle Of Texas Music-
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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