Storytellers And Go To Hellers, about the Author

About the Author

Wow… 62 years old

I guess that means I’ve been heading west

To the high desert for at least 49 years

My father was a poisonous plant specialist

He worked for the US Department of Agriculture

 In his travels talking to ranchers and collecting plants

He found every unknown nook and cranny in the high desert

I became addicted to blue sage brush at a young age

When my father would take me to the high desert

To further explore the beautiful nothingness

On the dusty roads of the Great Basin

Old mines were a particular favorite of his

He loved to find the dilapidated shacks

Or the gold mine dump and look for loss treasures

I didn’t know it then but my father was creating

A clone of him that appreciated the desert wind

Now it is so easy to travel back in my mind

To remember the treasures

And see the details of him now that he’s gone

As a wordsmith the high desert is a place

Where I go to when I need to find inspiration

It’s unexplainable but I feel my father’s logic and magic

When I smell the fragrance of sage mixed with alkali dust

All I can say is… Thank God

So many people think the empty of western Utah

Is a place to hurry through

As they try to win the meaningless race

Storytellers And Go To Hellers-
Texas style songwriter and storyteller poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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