Storytellers And Go To Hellers, Introduction


I’ve been blessed

 With a mind that loves to listen

To… Details no one else can hear

To… Poetry others think is noise

I have been blessed

With… Inspiration in my path

With… A unique spiritual map

I’ve been blessed

With… Eyes that beg to see

Every texture and hidden color

With… Eyes that refuse to look away

From another’s pain

I’ve been blessed

With… The courage to find

People and opportunity on my journey

That will make me a better man

I’ve been blessed

With… The gift of words

So I can share my observations

As stories… Poetry… Or song

With… Anyone that chooses to listen

I’ve been blessed

With… The ability to laugh

At… Myself

 At… Criticism

At… Almost everything I see

I’ve been blessed

With… An imagination

That can braid facts with fiction

I have been blessed

With an appreciation for the… Cowboy Way

Storytellers And Go To Hellers-
Texas style songwriter and storyteller poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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