What Us Cowboys Really Do

What Us Cowboys Really Do

Some say

I need a life style change

I say… Hell no

I love this game

Over and over… Just another

Love at first sight

Wild ride… Friday night

Ready to love… Crash and burn

Never one lesson learned

Always me and my best buddy

Sitting in the truck… Not a car

In front of the Cowboy Bar

Laughing till we cry

Swapping stories and white lies

About all the chicks… We never held or kissed

Sharing it all and more

The next victims walk through the barroom door

Two gals… Guys dream of… To love

To kiss… To dance with… To Ummm…Mmm

So we sit and sip

Our sour mash… To save our cash

As we blow smoke rings

While the Cowboys inside

Try to steel our dreams

As we just sit… listening to the music

As we wait… Till were drunk enough

To act… Like were in love

The band sounds better… With every sip

Until were finally ready… To chase those chicks

Maybe we’ll dance a few

Maybe we’ll fight

Hell… It’s just another… Friday night

Yea… That’s just what us Cowboys do

 Sometimes I wonder

What my momma would say

If she really knew

…What us Cowboys really do…

Storytellers And Go To Hellers-
Texas style songwriter and storyteller poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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