You’re Killing Me

 I can’t believe

                      You can’t see

                   You’re killing me

                                 Lately it seems

                                        All I feel… Is empty

                                               Not from hurtful words

          But from always being ignored 

                            From being pushed away

                                                    When all I want is… Touch

                                   The kind of touch

                                   That defines love

                                              But it all seems to me

                            That time is always nagging

Whispering… There is so much to do

Always something… Never nothing

                                       Just busy… Being busy

                                                 No time… For us or me

                 Just another… Not now reaction

                           No surprise… No squeeze… No passion

                       Time after time… Again and again

 I tried to tell you

Then for a week or two

                                                 You give me the heat I need

                                  But always… Always

                            The fog of busy

                                   Steals the time for love away

                       You let it… Even though

           You know… I know you know

  What I will say I need again

                                     You know… I know I would never

                            But in the coldness of you

                            It now seems like never

                                           Is an impossible endeavor

So I find my eyes… Looking for eyes

                                       That want to share touch

Lost in passion… Without the pain of… Time

Good Bad Ugly Love-
Love Stories From Heaven And Hell.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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