The Gate of Inward, Introduction


I love to study a new face

 I’ve never been afraid to explore a new place

 To float a new River… Full of snags and boulders

 To ride my horse through fallen timber in the dead of winter

 To catch a freight train… To the outskirts of nowhere

 To stick my thumb out and go anywhere

 Or to travel in my mind where there might be danger

 To find out the story of a make-believe stranger

 But I am afraid to excavate… Under the mask on my face

 To the place where the truth of truths waits behind the gate

 To the place where you see your self hate

  Where you buried every denied mistake

 To the place where you lie to yourself and believe

 Because the truth was too hard to see

 But lately I think I might finally be ready

 To explore behind the gate on an inward journey

Gate of Inward-
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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