Introspect is a journey few men will take

To excavate the place under the mask of ego…

Were secrets mingle with the self dissection of depression

Where suppressed memories crave to be free

Introspect finds the place

Where true self has been imprisoned against its will

As an oath of protection from the dark side of ego

Introspect is a shovel that un-earths

The grave where reality is forged into blunt weapons

To be used in the destruction of self

Introspect removes the armor

We wear to protect us from the storm within

Introspect is the key that removes the weight

Of the bulletproof gate… So perspective of age can critique

The architecture of fabricated self

Introspect removes the blanket that warms the lies

Created in the bitter cold of a frozen reality

Introspect can find the grave of unwanted episodes

So whiskey and psychotherapy can turn pain into pleasure

Good or bad… Right or wrong

Sometimes you cannot return from the journey of introspect

Impersonating An Angel
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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