Long Commutes

Long Commutes

          Short… Short… Trip

      From pushing concepts of crazy

To driving in the feeding frenzy

                                  Over and through the brink

                                                     Without a moment to think

                    Confused… By the buzz of it all

           The tickle of… The free fall

                                     The eruption of… The masses

                                               At the preconceived starting time

                           Racing blindly to… The unforeseen

To checkered flags at make believe… Finish lines

Committing asphalt crimes

                                                 Me against you… You against me

                   For the promise of… Fools gold

                                So we all rage the road

           As we rubber neck… The distracted ones

                  Who can’t see their time has come

We all pretend… Not to see

                  The expressions of… The commute

The painted faces

                                                      Of this tribal warfare

                                            The finger in exit of fist

                                          The cut off… You can’t resist

The tailgate… Straight to hell

                             Embracing the inevitable derail

                                    Into… The guard rail

As the rubberneckers… Salute

                        The distracted ones

                   As they complain about… Wasted time

                                          So much wasted time

                                                          Just running out of time

On the road of

             …long commutes…

                                                    So long

                                                            So long

Whispers From The Cemetery
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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