In The Thunder Of It All

In The Thunder Of It All

The history of humans

Intoxicated by the odor of sewage

                     Knee deep in never ending garbage

Shrouded in dark discontent

                 As they fallow in a colorless smog cloud

                                   Chanting out loud

                                    I will never repent

As a great decomposing band of humans

                Dark silhouettes without shadows

                            Gathers to piss and moan

                               In a emotionless dance of hopelessness

                                         In pseudo-self-forgiveness

                               Ready to worship another clone

                          Preaching in primal rituals

       Vowing to never remove… The mask of each other

                      Promising to conform… To the ink prophecy

                       All chanting in unison… As their mothers did

               A monotone song… Moving as one 

Closer to the edge… Ignoring death

       Denying rumors of… The inevitable end

                    Repeating the word un-loved…But are un-heard

                                      In the thunder of… Metal on metal

                In the madding rush of… Nothing going nowhere

So the mass pushes closer to the edge

                   Circling in a misunderstood… Sacrificial dance

       Eyes burning from the smell of… A living hell

              As fear pushes the great mass into… Continual motion

                                            Without a single emotion

                   Movement for sake of movement 

                                Speed for the sake of speed

                       As political thunder screams… Never dream

         Today it’s your chance to die… For the sake of lies

  No one asks why    

                                               As a storm begins

                                …In the thunder of it all…

Whispers From The Cemetery
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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