Sensation of Inspiration, Introduction


It’s no secret

I crave the gift of words

 That are dipped and rolled

 In the venom of unmistakable insanity

But the truth is

When words come to me

That have the smell of a storm of tears

I know I have something special

…Sometimes a memory…

 Comes to me from the days

When my father was still alive

So I savored the opportunity

 To share him in words with the world

…Sometimes a memory…

Of my hitchhiking days or my stay

In a homeless shelter

Trying to escape a cold Oregon rain

 Is given back to me

To be shape into something

That defines the word gratitude

…Sometimes a memory…

Comes home to the maker

Of something simple

So simple that no one else was able to see it

But that simple thing changed me

So I share it with the universe

In words no one else may ever hear


I know it’s time to make a new memory

So somewhere on this continuous journey

I can share the gift of words

With someone who is willing

To let me be heard

Sensation of Inspiration
Spiritual and Feel Good Poetry
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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