More Than Perfect

More Than Perfect

I feel sick and the VA won’t tell me what’s wrong

I’m a veteran I’m supposed to be so strong

 But I haven’t worked for so damn long

                                           The unemployment’s running thin

         It seems the lucky ones that have a job

                                              Think my situation is a sin

                           But I will keep on smiling

                                      As I just leave it up to him

                                           Thank god it’s Sunday

                                 Yea… Today I’ll be teasing and squeezing

                            Maybe teaching my dog some new tricks

                                              Then I’ll play with my grand kids

                    Maybe write poetry and music

                                         Then we’ll all cuddle up and nap

                             Yea… My life is… More than perfect

                                    Come Monday I’ll look for work

                                                  Hell… Any kind of job will do

                   No matter what… I’ll be smiling

                                      Because gratitude will pull us through

                                          Yea… It’s cool to know at home

                    There’s always a hug and I love you 

Funny thing about hard times

       I’ve learned to love the little things

                    Like a weak cup of coffee

                                    With potatoes and pinto beans

                                                      But especially her lips

                             As I am being wrapped in her angel wings

Yea… My life is… More than perfect

…Thank you lord…

Sensation of Inspiration
Spiritual and Feel Good Poetry
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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