The Back Road To Idaho

The Back Road To Idaho

 I was barely 18 lost in my dreams

 Ready to be struck by lightning

 My dad said, join the Marines

 My mom said, go to the University…

 After high school graduation day

 My friends packed and moved away

 While I worked at the quick Mart

 Needing a wild jump start

 Daydreaming that day like every day

 About moving on and get laid

 I heard the rumble a mile away

  Didn’t know how my life would change…

 She slid sideways into the parking lot

 Didn’t know if she would get it stopped

 When she stepped out of that dream machine

 She spread her legs and showed me everything

 She pumped gas and smoked a cigarette

 Reading a map on the hood of that that vet

Red halter top and black miniskirt

 Yeah… I wanted everything I deserved

 Maybe old enough to be my mother

But looked young enough to be my lover…

 She came in and bought a case of beer

  Said sonny boy my eyes are up here

 She pulled a 100 out of her bra

 Then asked about the local law

 She asked about the gravel road

 That headed north to Idaho…

 I said the road is rougher than hell

 She said it’s got to be better than Jail

 I said you might get stuck or lost

 She pulled 200 out of her bra

 She said why don’t you be my guide

 It will be a ride you might not survive

  So consider yourself forewarned

 This might be a wild lightning storm…

  On the gravel road called Hells divide

 I barely survived her lightning strike

 She taught me things I wanted to know

 On the back road to Idaho

High Desert Sky
Texas Style Songwriter
And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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