The Why of My Thunder

                                     The Why of My Thunder

Here it comes

That unnatural feeling again… Of being warned

                            Like a cold December storm

                                                       Blowing out of control

                                             Biting at my fragile soul

                                                         I curse that unnatural feeling

          It’s like a house… Without a ceiling

                        Like a banker… Without greed

                                               Like a tumble weed

                         In a still world… Taunting the wind to blow again

                                                        It’s a dooms day feeling

                                               Of being unblessed

                           Like playing a game of chess

            In a cold steel cage

                                                                 On a jet black stage

                                     Like singing… In a hurricane

                             While I’m playing a game

                                    Of everlasting love… In a storm of hate

               Once that feeling gets a grip

                                        It’s like I beg to be whipped

         It’s like I’m laughing with the devil

                                                                At a crying falling angel

                                                         That unnatural feeling 

           Sends me running hell bent

                            Screaming I’m so content

        As the pain digs deep inside

                                                         As logic and fear collide

              So I hide under the covers

          As I curse my mother

          For not holding me under… To smother

                                                   So I could discover

                                       …The why of my thunder…

Wordsmith Abyss
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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