Music and the Wind

Music and the Wind

The gray of… The concrete grave

                                   The storyteller of… Day after gray day

                          The destroyer of… Time with a machine

                      The consumer of… Color in dreams

                                   The creator of… Day after wasted day

                      The pacifier of… Same… Same smell… Same hell

                                       Same greed… Same fast speed

                      Just a different emergency where someone bleeds

                                 But I don’t care

                                              As long as it’s not me

                   Then one day of the same

                                           A lunatic chick

                       Damn near made me a statistic

                                          In an old painted buss… Free love

                        Peace sign painted on it… Wild ride

   She weaved this way

      That way… All over the freeway

                         Into my lane… Into all lanes

                                              Her head would bob and shake

                                    This way… That way

                         The window down

                                         Music up load

                                                  As the wind danced

                                          In her long hair… It waved at me

                          At first glance

                                  I thought… She was crazy

                                                        But not as crazy as me

                                              So I called in sick

                               To fallow her all day

                         To watch her show… Dancing on the freeway

It seemed to me

She drove aimlessly… As free as rule-less poetry

On a party that never ends

Happy just to be with her best friends

…Music and the wind…

Truthful Lies
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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