Meadow of Sin

Meadow of Sin

She was my guide

                        She imprinted my mind

                                            She showed me the thrill

                                 Of making love in the hills

                                                                Just like a dream

In a storm of sin

                                   By the stream

                                                 In tall grass

                              Of a green meadow

                                              As the rain falls

                                                             On bare skin

                                                         As the wind blows

The kind of thrill

                               My soul could feel

                                    The kind of thrill

                                          Every man should know

 With a woman… Who is too hot to hold

                  The kind of thrill

                                That stays in a man’s mind

                                                          Until it all turns

                                              Into… Lost time

I wonder if

                                Someday the dust of lust

                                          Will blow in the wind

                     To take me back to

      The meadow of sin…

                                         To feel the rain

                                                       On skin again

I wonder if… Sin can begin

                                                  After the end

I wonder if… The thrill

                                     In my imprinted mind

     Will chase me

Through the depth of time

Truthful Lies
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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