You Can’t Trust Glass

You Can’t Trust Glass

                               Cowboys don’t ride glass horses

             Gossip thrives in glass houses

Never shoot a glass gun

There’s a hell of a view from a glass coffin

                              Glass tears can cut cheeks

                  Glass shoes make feet bleed

    Glass eyes don’t tell lies

                                 Don’t eat shattered glass pie

   Glass hates hailstorms

       Steel laughs at glass thorns

Don’t have rough sex in glass beds

Don’t wear glass helmets on your head

                                     Glass bullets hate brick walls

                  Glass balls hate free falls

Don’t catch rock with glass gloves

Don’t dance on glass rugs

     Don’t hang Jesus on a glass cross

                           Don’t clean your floor with a glass mop

        You can’t see shit through stained-glass

The clues lie in shattered glass

Don’t slip on glass

You might bust your ass

The sad fact is… You can’t trust glass

Gate of Inward-
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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