Broken Words

Broken Words

                           …In the clutter of old

                                    …In the tangled of age

                                                …In the slow decomposition

                                         Of flesh and bone

                                His mind spoke

…Broken words…

                                   Only Angels heard

                           His tongue begged his mind

                                  To send perfect words

                                        …Of seductive poetry

                                                   …Of artistic story

                                                             …Of spirited debate

                            But the twists and turns

Of the pressure inside his mind

                                                        Always blocked the path

                                       So he spoke in a language

                             Designed by the mind of age

                                                       That no other man

                                                                  Could understand

                                                As I watched… I could see

                                    An old man waiting patiently

                              For his journey to end

                               …So he could go to heaven

                                                    To sing to Angels

                                                  …So he could sculpt words

                                               Into poetic verse

                                 …So he could tell stories

                               To the universe

Without the curse

                                                Of a tangled mind

…Of broken words…

Whispers From The Cemetery
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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