The Scream On His Lips

The Scream On His Lips

My mirror had a strange look today

       Maybe those eyes had a hidden pain

Maybe that man is tired of playing the game

I wonder if his feelings are real

                                 I wonder if he should deny the way he feels

                         I wonder if he thinks spilled blood doesn’t drip

I wonder if he’s hiding a scream on his lips

I wonder if he has seen things

                              He was never meant to see

                     I wonder if that stranger

Has the posture of anger

I wonder if he craves the grave

As the only escape from his life as a slave

I wonder if the concrete

Under his feet feels like a disease

                         I wonder why he looks to the distant horizon

       I wonder why he looks like he wants to run

                         I wonder if he ever says the word love

                     I wonder if he’s just had enough

 I wonder if he’s tired of hearing the word no

From somewhere down below

I wonder if that man in the mirror

Could see things clearer

                         If he left this concrete never-ending street

           And prayed on the highest mountain peak

           I wonder if that’s a tear in his eye

I believe that man is ready to cry

Impersonating An Angel
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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