Does She Dream Of Me

Does She Dream Of Me

                                                  She is the word


                                          In motion… In verse… In smile

                     …She knows all the good quotes

                            …She can dance exotic styles

                                 …She can hit the high notes

                                          …She can play shy and ask why

…She can read pain in sad eyes

                                                 …She can make the world cry

                                 With the tears in her eyes

                                                      …She can act like a warrior

                                               Or be a savior

                                    …She always knows the perfect answer

                         To the un-perfect question

                    …She understands creation

 …She defines evolution

                                      …She has never felt intimidation

      …She will always believe

                             …She says thank you and please

                                       I think about her constantly

                                                   But I wonder

                                       When she sleeps

                                                     …Does she dream of me

                                             Or does she dream of

                                                   World peace

Sensation of Inspiration
Spiritual and Feel Good Poetry
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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