…I Will Be…The Wind…

…I Will Be…The Wind…

                                 A strange thrill

                                            That made me feel… So alive

As time stood still

                                Memories were made

                                                     With remember when’s

                                As I watched the wind

                                               Tease anyone that could see

As it danced in her hair

                                    The way I wanted to be

                                                       Free of gravity

I was so sensually tempted

                              As her intoxicated hair performed for me

A pure weightless ballet

                                 Of erotic movement

                                               In a dance without rules

                                                             Like I’ve never seen

                                  The wind and hair became

Poetry’s only motion

                                                          The tangles of reality

                                     Became my fantasy

                                              Their dance of poetry took me

                                   To places my soul wanted to be

                                                               Past my dreams

                                                  As if I had dream wings

                                  I lost true me

                                               In motion so free

                                       I became…The wind

…I will be…The wind…

Truthful Lies
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy


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