Look of Wandering

Look of Wandering

                                        I think of me then

                                               I see her… Not understanding

                            The look of wandering…

                     I heard the dinging

                           I see the lights flashing

                                               At the train crossing

                                                              I was in another place

                                                   A blank stare on my face

                                       Staring without blinking

                     Always distracted

                                  After the train passed

                                                                She didn’t know

I was thinking of wind

                             Tickling my skin

                    With the sound of steel wheels

                                           Making music on rails

                                                         In a place where a dream

                                Or sometimes a past sin

                                           Is found and lost again

                                                                 She couldn’t see me

                                         Passing through wrong sides

                      Of town after nameless town

Listening to that spiritual sound

                                                                Of freedom

                                   But freedom

                                         Comes at a cost

                                                          Sometimes I wonder

                                                   If I know

                                          Or if I care

                      What she thinks… I lost

                                               After my escape

                                                              Into my fate

With the look of wandering on my face

Truthful Lies
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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