When Did I

When Did I

                                         I don’t remember

                                    The pledge and the oath

                          Of giving away… My heart and soul

                                                          To the greed machine

When did I… Give them the okay

                                              To experiment… With my mind

         When did I… Let them… Without permission

                                      Cheat me of precious time

                  I can’t believe

                                             I let them treat

                           My body this way

                                           Day after day

                                                    Why do I…Feel the need

                                            To forgive myself

For one moment of bliss

                                         When did I say

                           I won’t ask why

                                          When did I decide

                                                                 Not to fight

Maybe… My pain is just because

                                             They sucked every ounce of life

                                                      Out of me

                           Maybe… The greed machine

                                  Stole my inner light

                     Knowing… In the dark

                                            It’s hard to fight

                                    Now I’m just too damn tired

                                                               To fight

                                           Wrong or right

Whispers From The Cemetery
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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