I had been feeling uneasy… I exploded inside me

So I explored the salvation of self-medication

I drank illegal sacrament… In self-solitary confinement

I asked a medicine man… To draw me a map

I prayed with preachers… And dissected old teachers

I ate garbage with hobos… Then drank elixir with winos

I built a cross for crucifixion… As I called the story fiction

I put one bullet in a gun… Then spun the chamber just for fun

I ran naked in the concrete luge… But found no clues

I spent a week in jail… Before I escaped near hell

I rode a freight train West… To worship the last sunset

I climbed the highest peak… Then prayed for two weeks

Still I didn’t know… What inside me explodes

Then it came to me… The storm is inward thinking

 When I stopped professing… The secret is receiving

I finally realized

The one truth that can sooth… Gratitude

Impersonating An Angel
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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