Long Way to Fall

    Today… I looked hard

                                   Deep into the mirror

                                                       I found myself wondering

Who the hell is in there

                            Once… So young… So hard… So vain

                                     Now only a gray shell remains

                          It is strange… How I have learned to take pride

                                                             In all those wrinkles

                                       I earned in life’s battles

                                                  Lately… The mirror has told me

To love all my scars

Inside the primer gray machine and outside

                                          Scars that tell of my carefree journey

                                  Of stupidity and dares

                                              Funny… Now I don’t care anymore

                                     When someone stares

                             At my dirty clothes

                                        Or my un-combed hair

                                                                  But there was a time

                                             In a self-consumed mind

                                                       When I spent hours

                                      In front of the mirror

                                                       Lost in perfection

                                                  Of the outside of me

                             With no concern for knowledge

                                                                 Of… The future cage

                                                     Of… The gravity of age

                                               Of… Me the slave

                                                  But that left me

…A long way to fall…

                                       A… Long… Long way to fall

Truthful Lies
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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