My Hidden Secret

 My Hidden Secret

      Like I was summoned

                           I found myself again

                                           In the place of

                                                Lost voices and final choices

            Searching In the cemetery

                                             I walked and prayed

                                                      As I thought of lost days

           As I asked the why

                           Of shattered lives…

                                                               As I cried

                                                     Why is the world so gray

When did color become a sin…

                                           I wondered

                           When did this pain begin

                                                      When did I start craving

To be like them…

                           In my final climb

                                             To my last fall…

           Alone I embraced… The empty of

                                          …My hidden secret…

  I wonder when

                                     I will finally know

                             How to see it all

                                       So I can tell of the truthful lie

                       Of the empty in me…

                                        So I touch the words

            On the cold gray stones

                                    Shivering… I know… I stand alone

In… My hidden secret

Whispers From The Cemetery
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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