Lonely Eyes Inside Of Wrinkles

      Lonely Eyes Inside Of Wrinkles

We all ignore them… Lonely eyes inside of wrinkles

Warriors of time… Fighting decomposition and slow suicide

All wearing a similar uniform… So many soldiers of the age war

I watched him closely day after day from a safe distance

His faded and frayed denim overalls… Hung only on his right shoulder

                          Covering half of a wrinkled red plaid flannel shirt

His dirty ball tilted slightly up… And a few degrees to the left

                                 His mustache and beard at best was a magpie nest

Stained with food and tobacco… It surely had a particular odor

I don’t know why but I became fascinated by him

Wondering of memories and regrets between the womb and the grave

I wanted to absorb the details of the story… But the fear of age was my cage

            So I painted my own story… Of love… Of losses… Of glory

                      He earned a Purple Heart in the Korean War

                             Where he lost all of his toes and thumb to frostbite

He married the love of his life… Now he can’t wait to join her on the other side

                        He sailed the oceans as a merchant Marine

                  He worked the mines near Silver city

                         His only son died in a jungle in Vietnam

                                His only goal left in life is to die an honorable man

                 When he died… I went to his funeral and cried

                        Because I didn’t take the time to know the true story of

Lonely eyes inside of wrinkles

Lonely Eyes Inside Of Wrinkles-
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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