Moments In Time

Moments In Time

                                       Only occasionally

                 Will life be defined

By exact moments in time

That will be remembered

          Past the grave

These moments cannot exist

When we are a slave of self-pain

Or in the chaos of same

Or in the chains of wasted days

Or in self-inflicted boredom

          Without freedom

                                         They must be borne

                                      In the exhilaration of new

           Only known by a few

Then they will become the light

                                           Locked in eyes

           That alters time

Of those who refuse

                                                     To surrender

To the inevitability of man

To die with dark eyes

As they crave to become sand

Lonely Eyes Inside Of Wrinkles-
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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