A Naked Soul

A Naked Soul

Only the good Lord knows

                               Why he took everything from me

               Leaving nothing to decompose

Standing alone with a naked soul

Could there be a possibility

                                 That all those possessions

                 Including love and affection

Were the chains that bound me

In a place I needed to leave

Maybe being lonely with nothing

Is really my salvation

From the sins of possessions

                                 From needing faster and bigger

             From wanting a brighter color

From hoping for more and more

When so many just dream of a roof and a door

Could it be I’m finally free

That lonely and hungry

Will be the focal point of my journey

Could it be that greed

Is what keeps a man from seeing need

                                    What if taking things from me

        Is really giving salvation to me

                                  I wonder if a man must be

Baptized in the free of nothing

To be cleansed of possession sins

Leaving nothing to decompose… Just a naked soul

Eyes That Attract Lightning-
Texas style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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