This Simple Man Needs

This Simple Man Needs

                                     When she pushes me

                      Away from my needs

With her eyes when I try

When she gives me the posture of no

When she knows

The things I need most

I feel my mind drift

To places of sin

When all I want and need

                                   Is her skin on my skin

                       Not some crazy fantasy

Just her tangled with me

                                 Without constraints of the grind

               That always twists in our mind

Just her with no place to be

                               Just our heat and our heartbeats

               That’s all this simple man needs

Not a push away that kills my dream

Not an elaborate smokescreen

                                Called a self-inflicted busy life

                  Not the pain like a knife

When she removes my needs from me

When I say please baby

See what this simple man needs

She tells me about her needs

Gate of Inward-
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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