I was told by an old man inches from death

It must be painful working so hard to be you

He said, when you want the truth you will find the truth

Or the truth will find you in the cage of age

When the mind and the body are gray and strained

It is the perfect wrinkled situation

Only then will you understand the why of reverse creation

And the truth of evolution as the only solution

That is when a man can see and admit his sins

And embrace the wonder and beauty of the end

Of one blink of time in this continuous journey

That is when… The thunder from within drifts off in the wind

Leaving only the music of stone cold silence

That is when… The smell of summer rain

 Distracts the mind and body from the noise of pain

That is when… Greed and conceit and lust

Turn into the comfort of pure love

That is when… Hate turns into contentment

And all resentment turns into acceptance

That is when… All judgment is removed by Christ

And you are given back your childhood eyes

That is when… Lies turn to truth and death comforts you

That is when you smile and laugh and remember how to dance

Like only a child can dance

Crazy Father’s Daughter-
Texas Style Songwriter And Storyteller Poetry.
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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