Baptized… Analyzed… Synthesized

Baptized… Analyzed… Synthesized

Stabbed in my soul

With a spiritual quill

Baptized… Analyzed… Synthesized

Against my free will

Face down in the Bible

I damn near drown

                                 As a preacher delivered me

               From the free God gave me

By showing me a burning cross

At such a high cost

I was told to respect and repeat

                                  Their preconceived truth

                       As I tried to call a truce

But no one could hear me

Over their own silent screams

Of please free me

From the un-free preconceived

Baptism made me

So why do they want me to be

                                  Like their preconceived

                         Like their spirituality

Why do they want me to scream

Please free me

Gate of Inward-
Poetry Without Rules
© Paul H. Keeler… A Cosmic Cowboy

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